Yuting Ye
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Implementing Bridson's Fast Poisson Disk Sampling in PBRT
CS7001 Mini-project
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007
Report (html,    pdf)        Source (cpp, 16k)        More reuslts (zip, 12M)

Color to Grayscale Conversion with Chrominance Contrast
Image processing
University of Virginia, 2006
Paper (pdf)     Presentation (ppt)     Code (matlab)      Data (zip, 876k)

Computer Animation Projects
University of Virginia, 2005
Particle systems, rigid body, inverse kinematics, motion capture, PD controllers

Intro Graphics Projects
University of Virginia, 2004
Image processing, raytracer, Rubik's cube, NPR
Projects (with source code)

View-dependent Real-time Terrain Rendering Using Static LOD
Computer Graphics, Peking University 2003
Accepted to Intl CAD'04 for Presentation
Paper (pdf)         Source code (rar, 3.1M)